Since I decided to start my own art business...

This year has been a doozy, but I will tell ya, I am much stronger than I ever have been and so much more willing to take the risks I was always too afraid to take.

I went to school for fine art and instead of taking the risk of "being an artist," I chose to work in galleries supporting other artists. Once we moved to Greenville, SC where there are far fewer galleries, I opted to work for a paycheck again instead of trying to make my mark as an artist. After a life-changing event at the first of the year (you can read more about that by clicking the image above), Bennett and I made the decision that I would work part-time and focus on making art the rest of the time. 

Though I have really just started putting my art out there, I am honored that so many of you have responded so positively. THANK YOU for helping me get a little more confidence in my work and pushing me to keep making. The past few weeks have been amazing and I look forward to keeping you posted as I continue to create. Follow along on my instagram to get the daily happenings.


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