A Good Photographer Makes You Feel Famous.....

Are you like me? Somedays you feel like you got it right. Your hair, makeup, outfit, attitude - all on point. Other days, none of that seems right.

Having a photographer take photos of you is such a funny thing and totally depends on the above. I don't have my image captured often and most of the time when I do I feel like I don't look like myself or that my RBF is coming out. If you don't know what RBF is, google it. 

It has been a while since I had good photos taken of my process to share with you, so I decided it was about time. I somehow managed to rope in my friend  Rebekah Thompson to come and spend a morning with me in the studio. It was one of those days where I wasn't so sure of myself, but I just got to work and Becky chatted away with me about my process, life and anything else you can imagine. She is such a great, calming presence. The atmosphere she created, in my own studio, made it such that I relaxed and just had fun.


Here is where I say, "A good photographer makes you feel famous." A good photographer will make the entire process seem super normal - like they have always been there snapping photos of you just doing what you do.

Below are a few images to give you a little behind the scenes of a day in my studio. You can also catch them popping up here and there on my Instagram or Facebook. Thanks for being an incredible talent and documenting parts of my process Becky!